Motion & Interactive Content: Online, on-screen and in-game

From legendary video games to cutting edge web content and effective video content, Strata tools make it easy.

With the explosion onto the gaming scene of the legendary Myst, Strata has been involved in interactive content for over 20 years. The Strata 3D CX Suite can help you deliver your vision.

Easily make 3D move with Strata

Interactive webcontent, online stores, catalogs and 3D PDF documents

Kaon Interactive has been using the core technology behind Live 3D CX for over 10 years. As the development genius behind Live 3D, Kaon has been able to polish this Java based technology to a high level.

In this presentation you'll see projects for clients like Nike, Sony, Panasonic, Dell, Ricoh, Fisher-Price, Nintendo - and the list goes on. Use the tabs to browse or search for projects of interest.