Strata Video Training from Chris Tyler

Two new DVDs are available from expert user Chris Tyler. Over 38 hours of detailed tutorials show you how to model, texture, render and animate. Chris uses a natural teaching style that makes the experience seem like you've got an expert teacher sitting right next to you.

DVD #1: Modeling - Overview

Chris effortlessly guides you through Strata Design 3D CX's modeling tools and helps you how to use them. He starts with simple explanations of the basics and then walks you through some real world projects to learn more advanced techniques. Chris shows you how to use the tools but also teaches you effective techniques for creating elegant models with the end projects in mind.

Chris goes beyond modeling and explores Strata Design 3D CX v6 with technical discussions like "what is Subdivision Surface Modeling". He shows you how to push modeling to the limits and gives you everything you need to become an expert Strata modeler.

For Use with Strata Design 3D CX v6

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DVD #1: Modeling - Video Previews

Creating the Aquo bottle in Design 3D CX 6, by Chris Tyler

Watch as Chris Tyler shows you how to build this sport bottle starting with Illustrator style splines, moving to polygons and ending up with a completed subdivision surface ready for some glacial spring water.

Techniques include using the powerful new poly modeling tools and guide system for constraining modeling operations.

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DVD #2: Rendering & Texturing

If there's any topic Chris could fill a DVD on, it's rendering and texturing. The disk is split pretty evenly between rendering and texturing. There are nine(9) rendering tutorials and multiple technical discussions about various render settings, five(5) traditional texturing tutorials with additional technical discussions about glass and other special-case surfaces, and eight(8) tutorials on UV mapping.

Chris guides you through complex and sometimes daunting technical topics in a simple conversational style designed to help you get the most out of Design 3D's legendary rendering engine.

For Use with Strata Design 3D CX v6

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DVD #2: Rendering & Texturing - Video Previews

Tutorial: Lighting and Rendering Setup in Design 3D CX 6, by Chris Tyler

In this tutorial from his upcoming video training, Chris covers the lighting and rendering of a product shot in Strata Design 3D CX 6.

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Tutorial: Alarm Clock Texture in Design 3D CX 6, by Chris Tyler

In this 16 minute video Chris walks you through his texture and rendering settings for an alarm clock model. He dissects the individual settings and takes you through the subtleties of replicating realistic paint and metallic surfaces. He takes the time to make sure you can absorb all of the fine points of creating realistic scenes. Using the above download link you can get his model and follow along. Demonstration requires Strata Design 3D CX 6.0.

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